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Out of all the retailers of vaping devices and accessories today, Direct Vapor has become one of the most popular due to their competitive prices, customer service, and a long list of products. Direct Vapor sells almost anything you would need to start vaping, upgrade to a more advanced device, and ultimately get into mods and sub ohm vaping.

Getting to Know Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor is a retailer of various vaping essentials and accessories such as vape juices and e-liquids, best vapes, mods, variable and sub ohm batteries, chargers, tanks, cases, starter kits, coils, drip tips, tools for rebuilding, and other frills. They pride themselves in carrying the most reputable brands in the industry. Committed to changing the lives of smokers by giving them the power to control, Direct Vapor is a continuously growing name that has become a favorite for vapers from all over the world.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

One of the top reasons why many vapers opt to buy their vaping gear from Direct Vapor is their highly competitive prices. They boast of the lowest prices in the market. They challenge every customer to find another shop that sells the same products at lower prices and promise to match them just in case.

Anyone who enjoys vaping would understand that doing so is a continuing process of learning and experience, to maximize the satisfaction that this wonderful lifestyle option offers. That being said, it is easy to understand that vaping would lead you to purchase your first, your second, your third—and so on—device or e-liquid to find your match, experience something new, or simply discover what more vaping has in store.

Having a one-stop shop that has it all at highly competitive prices is like finding gold in a mountain of rocks. It is a treasure that must be taken advantage of and cherished. As Direct Vapor swears to match or give refunds for lower prices being implemented by other authorized US resellers, excluding closed out, out-of-stock, clones, and refurbished products. Anyone who buys from Direct Vapor has 15 days to search for a reseller who sells the same product/s at a lower price to benefit from this guarantee.

No Clone Zone

As part of their commitment to selling ‘superb products’ from highly regarded brands, Direct Vapor makes sure they are a no-clone zone. This means that you will not find any clone or fake products being sold and presented as the real thing on their site, or through any of their affiliates, for that matter. This is particularly important to consider, especially when purchasing mods.

Mods involve complex features that require quality builds and high standard materials. Otherwise, you may be looking at a ticking time bomb that is waiting to explode right on your face.

Free Shipping

Direct Vapor makes every purchase even more worth it by offering free domestic shipping without requiring any minimum amount from their customers. We have heard plenty of positive responses regarding their fast turnaround time. Direct Vapor pledges same-day shipping for all orders placed on or before 12 PM EST. Most customers receive their orders within two days, except for those in Alaska and Hawaii, which may take up to two weeks, as they transparently state on their website.

60 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty

With practically everything being mass produced nowadays, having some warranty for factory defects, at the very least, is a must-have. Direct Vapor is at the forefront of such service, providing their customers with a 60-day warranty for products with factory defects. This covers all their products except for cartomizers, clearomizers, e-liquids, tanks, and atomizer heads for sanitary and hygiene purposes.

While they make sure that their products come from the best names in the market, there are still chances of defective units being released due to the high volume of orders that are placed in their store every day.

As a way to counter this, Direct Vapor allows all customers to contact them regarding any faulty device within 60 days. They will send you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), and then you will need to send them back the product within 20 days for a replacement. Return shipping costs are refunded for validated defective products.

15 Day Return Policy

Not that it happens a lot, but in cases where you receive the wrong product or simply change your mind about your order, Direct Vapor has a 15-day return policy that is very convenient and reassuring. For as long as the product is unopened, you can return it for restocking without having to pay for a fee. Returns are required to undergo the same process as with sending back products with factory defects—you must contact them first to get an RMA.
Although this return policy does not apply to unsatisfied customers (like what some e-cig companies proudly offer), having the option to return an unopened item to get a full refund out of your order (and with technically free shipping) is always better than nothing.

Direct Vapor Review Summary

We are obviously impressed at how Direct Vapor provides its services and guarantees customer satisfaction. This is an understatement, given the fact that we have not even discussed their professionally-built, user-friendly, and info-packed website. Add to that their enticing affiliate and wholesale programs and their preparedness in providing proper vaping education through their web content, campaigns, and ads—all things that make them one of, if not, the best mod retailers around.

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