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VaporDNA logoVaporDNA was founded in 2013. It is a premier online vape store that offers a wide selection of electronic cigarettes. They also offer e-liquids and accessories. One edge that they have over other competitors is that they have physical stores on top of their online presence.

The store also boasts a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. They promise that their products are all 100% genuine. To support this claim, they have a 45-day refund policy in place for their customers.

What products do they carry?

VaporDNA has a wide array of products available to customers. They have electronic cigarettes, e-juices, and rebuildable tanks. They also offer accessories for vaporizers. Of course, they also market other vaping devices. They have mods and kits to suit your vaping needs.

What does their website look like?

Just like with any other vaping site, before you can enter their site and view or shop their products, you need to confirm your age. This is a legal compliance matter to ensure that your state allows you to navigate such sites.

The products are organized in different categories. This makes shopping easier because you know exactly where to click for a specific product. Each selection features the name and picture of the products that fall in the said category. The pictures of the products are clear and you can easily get an idea of what you’re purchasing. No surprises when you receive what you purchased because the pictures are detailed and in high resolution.

Once you’ve chosen your product, you can then place your order. You will need to input your name and address. The VaporDNA site uses BlueCheck Age Verification. This means that your information is kept private. If you decline the age-verification step, your order gets canceled.

The processing time for orders is within 24-72 hours. You can also send them an email if you want to make changes on your order. Just shoot them an email the earliest possible time to make sure that your product has not yet shipped.

Are their products expensive?

The products that VaporDNA carries are more affordable compared to others. This makes VaporDNA a favorite among online shoppers. You can also check their site for ongoing promos and discounts. You can also view our VaporDNA discount codes page to find the latest coupon codes. You will love their clearance sale for e-juices because you can get amazing e-juices for a fraction of their original price.

What’s the feedback from their customers?

Each product on their site come with customer reviews and feedbacks. Most of the customer reviews are positive. You do get a few negative reviews but that is expected of a website catering to a large number of customers. It would have been dubious if they have hundreds of customer reviews and not a single one is negative.

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