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The new DRAGBAR Z700 SE from ZOVOOxVOOPOO is an ultra-slim disposable vape with a visible juice reservoir. Each purchase comes with 2 DRAGBAR Z700 SE devices.

This reboot of the Z700 GT now allows you to fully see juice levels, a major upgrade over previous disposables. The Z700 SE uses GENE TREE ceramic coils for consistent flavor through 700 puffs.

The TPD compliant device contains just 2mL of 20mg/mL nicotine eliquid. With 50 flavors available like blue razz ice, green apple ice, and lemon lime, the sleek DRAGBAR Z700 SE aims to deliver satisfying performance in a disposable format.

You can find the DRAGBAR Z700 SE at ejuiceconnect.store for a TBD price. With its slim design, visible juice levels, and variety of flavors, this disposable seems equipped to provide a quality vaping experience


– Puff count: Up to 700 puffs
– TRPR/TPD compliant
– 50 flavors available
– Nicotine strength: 20 mg/mL
– Weight: 20 grams

Kit Contents:

– Each box contains 2 x DRAGBAR Z700 SE devices

Size, look, and feel

At just 9mm thick and 20 grams, the ultra-slim DRAGBAR Z700 SE is perfect for vapers who prioritize lightweight, pocketable devices. However, the slim design comes with a durability trade-off.

A standout feature is the full juice window for monitoring levels, a rarity among disposables. This helps avoid dry hits and lets you see when the juice is empty.

The glossy body with transparent mouthpiece has an excellent aesthetic quality. But the slim mouthpiece can snap off easily if pushed in a pocket when sitting down. This happened to me the first day carrying it, causing leakage.

So while the size and design make the Z700 SE extremely portable, the fragile mouthpiece poses a pocketability issue. You’ll want to take care when placing it in tight pants or bags. The visibility of the juice reservoir is a big pro, but it comes at the cost of durability.

Getting started

As a non-rechargeable disposable device, getting started with the DRAGBAR Z700 SE is quick and simple.

Just remove the device from the package, peel off the sticker around the mouthpiece, and remove the plugs from the top and bottom. There’s no airflow control or other settings to adjust. Once unplugged, it’s ready to vape right out of the box.

The no fuss disposable format means you can start enjoying the Z700 SE’s flavors and performance instantly. Just open the box and start puffing.

How does it hit?

According to ZOVOO/VOOPOO, the Gene Tree ceramic coils in the Z700 SE provide fuller, more uniform flavor compared to cotton coils. They are also designed to eliminate spitback and popping.

The draw is a tight, silent MTL with no noticeable spitback as claimed. Earlier batches had some issues with juice in the mouth but this seems to have been resolved in newer units.

However, the vape still tastes slightly overheated and borderline dry for the coil resistance. It’s not a hot vape temperature-wise but the flavor profile suggests it’s running too hot.

Performance is inconsistent across units as well. Some devices provide a decent vape while others veer closer to dry hits. The Gene Tree coils aim to optimize flavor but execution seems hit or miss. More refinement may be needed to achieve consistent performance.

How long do they last?

As a TPD compliant disposable, the DRAGBAR Z700 SE does not last very long on a charge. The 2mL capacity means juice runs out quickly as well.

ZOVOO/VOOPOO claims the Gene Tree coils increase puff count, but I was able to finish a device in half a day of use. Getting the full 700 puffs is unlikely with normal vaping habits.

Of course battery life is not a factor since it’s non-rechargeable. Longevity depends solely on the juice capacity. Heavy vapers will find it runs out faster than expected. But for lighter use, it may last closer to the estimated puff count.

How long it lasts ultimately comes down to vaping habits. Juice will run out quicker than desired for many users. But the slim disposable format trades battery life for portability.

DRAGBAR Z700 SE best flavors

The DRAGBAR Z700 SE pods I received recently had some great flavors, though unfortunately many of the pods did not perform well and had a dry, ceramic taste. The flavors that did work properly were quite good. Here are my thoughts on some of the standout flavors from the first shipment:

Banana Ice – This was my favorite. It has a rich banana flavor reminiscent of both baked goods and candy. The banana is complemented by a moderate cooling sensation on the inhale and exhale. It’s called “ice” but it’s not overly cold or menthol-heavy.

Strawberry Banana – A tasty blend of fruity and dessert notes. You can distinctly taste both the strawberry and banana. It has an enticing aroma and a moderately sweet profile, with banana being the primary flavor. There is a slight cooling effect on the inhale.

Blue Razz – This one has an authentic tart raspberry taste and scent. It’s minimally sweet with a faint coolness. A classic blue raspberry candy flavor done well.

When the pods functioned properly, the DRAGBAR Z700 SE delivered some delicious flavors that smelled just as good as they tasted. It’s unfortunate the device had performance issues, as the flavors themselves have a lot of potential.

Pros / Cons


– Ultra slim at just 9mm thick for easy portability

– Clear pods allow you to easily view juice levels

– 50 different flavor options to choose from

– Compliant with TRPR/TPD regulations

– No spitting or popping issues

– Leak-free – juice doesn’t leak out of the pods


– Dry hits – pods don’t properly saturate with juice

– Device can break and empty all the juice

– Goes through juice quickly, requiring frequent refilling


Despite the issues I encountered, the DRAGBAR Z700 SE has the potential to be a great disposable vape. The large flavor selection, slim size, tight MTL draw, and visible juice window are excellent features. However, the dry hits and poor durability make it difficult to recommend in its current form.

Increasing the coil resistance slightly could potentially improve the dry hit issue and prevent the burnt taste. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy fix for the durability problems – devices breaking in pockets is a serious concern for a disposable. Still, if ZOVOO could resolve the dry hit problems, I would be able to recommend the Z700 SE based on its other strengths, even with the durability concerns.

The DRAGBAR Z700 SE shows promise but needs refinement before it can deliver a consistently enjoyable vaping experience. Tweaking the coil resistance and finding a way to better saturate the cotton would go a long way towards making this disposable a top contender. I hope ZOVOO can iron out the issues, as the Z700 SE has the framework of an excellent device but is let down by its performance flaws.


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